I am Jey Jimenez, founder and manager of El Faro Estudio. I started my career studio audio and sound in EAS (Escuela de Audio y Sonido) where my hard work and dedication allowed me to graduate with honors. In 2012, I travelled to Argentina and began studying in the school Tecson (Buenos Aires), where I majored in different audial processes.

During my time in EAS, I was a part of the team of creators for 5 five years while also forming a part of the work team of Cardioide Estudio where my focus was mainly as engineer of recording and editing.

In 2016, I majored in Analog Mastering where I was lucky to have Nick Litwin as teacher, who is an engineer of Mastering Mansion Madrid (Spain)

Today, I boast of over two thousand mastering projects that span different musical genres and have been able to work with artists from all around the world.

I invite you to get to know El Faro Estudio


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