Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Shadow Hills Industries has created the Mastering Compressor so that you can achieve world class dynamic control, with the sonic versatility to give you the sound you want through transformed with switchable exits.

Buzz Audio REQ-2.2 MEA

A high-end stereo parametric recording and mastering equalizer that works and doesn’t sound like any other.

The REQ-2.2 equalizer uses parallel resonant circuits in an intelligent configuration, so the bandwidth (Q) of the circuit can be adjusted as an active filter.

Manley Massive Passive

The MASSIVE PASSIVE is a two channel and four band equalizer, with additional High Pass and Low Pass filters. «» Passive »» refers to the tone setting part of this new and intelligent equalizer design that does not use any active circuits. Only metal film resistors, capacitors and manual winding inductors sculpt the sound, something like a Pultec equalizer.


At EL FARO ESTUDIO, we found more than a commercial and strategic alliance. What we found was confidence, quality and a perfect addition to our work.Seven House Music

Jey from EL FARO ESTUDIO has been an integral part of my work team. In addition to being an outstanding professional, he is also a great person. A lot of mastering engineers are able to obtain a technically efficient sound, but Jey goes beyond this and manages to increase the musicality in the songs in a special and precise way.Nebulosa Music.

We know the different needs in sound that artists that we work with and we also believe that proper communication is the fundamental base in order to develop a solid project. That is why we contacted El FARO ESTUDIO as our partner in mastering; for their versatility, top notch quality in people and the equipment and knowledge that they employ in order to fulfil any task.Prime Time Music

For 84 Music Lab, working together with EL FARO ESTUDIO is working with quality and excellence. Since we began working with them, our production has been able to meet a level of quality and colour that we expected in the post-production process (mastering). Their ability to meet all of our deadlines and requirements in all our projects have given us the confidence to say that they are our partners in regards to mastering the music to our artists.84 Music Lab

We chose Jey because he is an engineer that has the knowledge and the sensibility to recognize what each mastering job requires. Additionally, we can also count on the quality and the colour of the high-end equipment that he has in his studio, which always gives us the results we would get in the United Kingdom, the United States or any other place in the world.Las Palmeras Estudio

I chose to work with EL FARO ESTUDIO for several reasons; firstly for the quality of the final product which is competitive in the current musical market. Secondly, for the efficient delivery and thirdly, for their interest in the clients satisfaction when receiving the final master.Palma Productions


I invite you to know El Faro Estudio.

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