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¿What should I send you?

You must send me the final mix in a WAV or AIFF file in the best possible quality at 24 or 32 Bits and its original sampling frequency. Do not send any compressed format such as mp3.

Remember that I need a good workspace, I recommend sending to –6dBfs. Do not use limiters or compressors in the master as this would affect the dynamics of the song.

Be sure to leave a few seconds at the beginning of the track and leave the queues until they finish, this applies especially if we are going to work an EP or Album.

¿How did he send you the material?

You can send it to the email mastering@elfaroestudio.com

If you already have the info in Dropbox or Google Drive you can share the link.

The way you like to send the information is fine, the important thing is that the files work.

¿Do you master the instrumental, TV version or alternative versions?

Yes, in fact, if at the time of sending the material you attach the instruments or another version this will be worked for the same price, as long as it is the same mix and has the same levels.

To work several versions there is an additional price.

¿Do you need to attach some information to the audio files?

If we are going to work an EP or an album I would need the following information in addition to the audio files:

Name of the album, name of the artist, producer, composer, arranger, order of the songs with their titles, ISRC and UPC codes if you have them.

¿What are ISRC codes?

It is a code that serves to identify only audio recordings and music videos. We can put them in the DDP master so that when the disk is replicated, the codes remain in the metadata.

ISRC codes can also be entered in digital distribution stores.

¿What is DDP?

DDP stands for Disc Description Protocol, it is a secure delivery format for disk replication.

When we work EP or Album you will receive in the delivery the DDP files that will serve you when you hire a company to replicate your disk.

What is Mastering For iTunes (MFiT)?

Apple created some tools that allow sending high resolution files to ensure the best possible playback quality.

To be in the mastered for iTunes store, the file must meet some parameters stipulated by Apple.

These files must be supplied by a certified study (MFiT). El Faro studio is certified to do this type of mastering.

If you have a question, write or chat with us.

If you have a question write to us or chat with us


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